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Welcome & Official Opening
Dustin ClareLois CookKen CrouchBen Franklin MP

Introduction - Ken Crouch, Screenworks CEO
Welcome To Country – Lois Cook
Welcome from Ben Franklin MP, Arts Minister
Welcome from the Mayor of Ballina Shire, Councillor Sharon Cadwallader
Screenworks Chair Welcome – Dustin Clare

  • Dustin Clare (Director of Shelter)

    Dustin Clare

    Director of Shelter
  • Lois Cook (Aboriginal Cultural Concepts)

    Lois Cook

    Aboriginal Cultural Concepts
  • Ken Crouch (Chief Executive Officer at Screenworks)

    Ken Crouch

    Chief Executive Officer at Screenworks
  • Ben Franklin MP (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, the Arts and Regional Youth at NSW Government)

    Ben Franklin MP

    Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, the Arts and Regional Youth at NSW Government
Keynote Speaker Darren Dale In Conversation with Rhoda Roberts AO

Acclaimed Blackfella Films company director Darren Dale reflects on his career, the value of bold Australian stories in the global marketplace and the future of First Nations storytelling.

He’ll be speaking about how Blackfella has built a successful business based on projects that fit well with progressive agendas around diversity, gender equity and the support of Indigenous storytelling, and how confident he is that bold Australian stories like Total Control can resonate with both domestic and international audiences.

  • Darren Dale (Company Director of Blackfella Films)

    Darren Dale

    Company Director of Blackfella Films
  • Rhoda Roberts AO

    Rhoda Roberts AO

The Power of Local: Reflecting Regional and Remote Australia Back To Australians
Charlotte BrigelJo ChichesterKyas HepworthRachel Okine - via ZOOM

Commissioners from some of Australia’s key broadcasters and streamers come together to talk about the importance of telling regional stories and the opportunities for regional, remote and rural filmmakers.

The session will feature recent case studies such as Muster Dogs, Barrumbi Kids, Nitram and A Sunburnt Christmas to showcase some of the best regionally made programs of the past year, as well as a conversation about what kinds of regional stories the commissioners are seeking and why non-metro based creatives are well placed to tell them.

  • Charlotte Brigel (National/International Sale & Marketing, Business Manager at Byron Film Studios)

    Charlotte Brigel

    National/International Sale & Marketing, Business Manager at Byron Film Studios
  • Jo Chichester (Manager of Screen in Screen, Sport & Events at ABC TV)

    Jo Chichester

    Manager of Screen in Screen, Sport & Events at ABC TV
  • Kyas Hepworth (Head of Commissioning & Programming,NITV at Special Broadcasting Services, SBS)

    Kyas Hepworth

    Head of Commissioning & Programming,NITV at Special Broadcasting Services, SBS
  • Rachel Okine - via ZOOM (Head of Features & Development Executive at Stan)

    Rachel Okine - via ZOOM

    Head of Features & Development Executive at Stan
Australians in Film: The Path To Hollywood
Krista Carpenter - via ZOOMJiao Chen - via ZOOMShaun Grant - via ZOOMSimonne Overend - via ZOOMTracey Vieira

The journey from Australia to Los Angeles is a well-travelled route for many Aussie creatives and professionals wanting to do business globally. The water-bottle tour of Hollywood - a heady mix of American hyperbole, Australian self-deprecation, rescheduled meetings, unanswered emails and a general lack of understanding of the difference in business etiquette between the both markets - can trip even the most seasoned traveller up.

The adage, you can never do a bad meeting in LA, is complicated, and in this session we will try to unpack the truths and the myths.

Guests include Simonne Overend, Executive Producer (Troppo) and Chair of AiF’s Industry Committee, Jiao Chen, VP of Creative Development Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Columbia Pictures, Krista Carpenter, Manager Fictional Entity, Shaun Grant, screenwriter (Nitram).

Session Producer: Peter Ritchie, Executive Director of Australians in Film.

Moderator: Tracey Vieira, Hoodlum Entertainment

  • Krista Carpenter - via ZOOM (Co Founder of Fictional Entity)

    Krista Carpenter - via ZOOM

    Co Founder of Fictional Entity
  • Jiao Chen - via ZOOM (VP of Creative Development at Sony Pictures Entertainment)

    Jiao Chen - via ZOOM

    VP of Creative Development at Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Shaun Grant - via ZOOM (Screenwriter)

    Shaun Grant - via ZOOM

  • Simonne Overend - via ZOOM (Executive Producer)

    Simonne Overend - via ZOOM

    Executive Producer
  • Tracey Vieira (Chief Content Officer at Hoodlum)

    Tracey Vieira

    Chief Content Officer at Hoodlum
The Power of Global: Finding and Connecting with Audiences in a Changing World
Tony Ayres - ZOOMWarren ClarkeMonica DavidsonLisa Shaunessy

Producers of recent successful Australian films and series reveal how they developed their projects to have international appeal and how they found and connected with their global audiences. Using their case studies as inspiration, the session will help understand how to navigate the increasingly fragmented content landscape and target projects where they will have the best chance of success. Case studies featured will include Tony Ayres Productions’ Netflix series Clickbait, Fremantle’s thriller miniseries Lie With Me, and Monica Davidson’s feature documentary Handbag.

Moderator: Lisa Shaunessy, Arcadia

  • Tony Ayres - ZOOM (Founder of Tony Ayres Productions)

    Tony Ayres - ZOOM

    Founder of Tony Ayres Productions
  • Warren Clarke (Head of Scripted Development at Fremantle Media)

    Warren Clarke

    Head of Scripted Development at Fremantle Media
  • Monica Davidson (Founder of Creative Plus Business)

    Monica Davidson

    Founder of Creative Plus Business
  • Lisa Shaunessy (Partner at Arcadia)

    Lisa Shaunessy

    Partner at Arcadia
Achieving Authenticity and Inclusion On Our Screens
Claudia BaileyHawanatu BanguraGenevieve Clay-Smith – via ZOOMTracey Corbin-MatchettStephanie Dower

From the writer's room to the screen, how do you cultivate ideas authentically and inclusively? A conversation with champions of inclusive filmmaking explores how we make this happen in the development and production of projects and authentically bring dignified stories to the screen that connect with audiences both here and around the world.

Session Producer/Moderator: Tracey Corbin-Matchett, Bus Stop Films

  • Claudia Bailey (Filmmaker)

    Claudia Bailey

  • Hawanatu Bangura (Founder of Mahawa Creative)

    Hawanatu Bangura

    Founder of Mahawa Creative
  • Genevieve Clay-Smith – via ZOOM (Co Founder of Bus Stop Films)

    Genevieve Clay-Smith – via ZOOM

    Co Founder of Bus Stop Films
  • Tracey Corbin-Matchett (CEO of Bus Stop Films)

    Tracey Corbin-Matchett

    CEO of Bus Stop Films
  • Stephanie Dower (Producer & Editor at Dower Productions)

    Stephanie Dower

    Producer & Editor at Dower Productions
Network, Connect, Pitch!
Esther Coleman-HawkinsDenise Eriksen

Networking is…complicated. For some, it’s a nightmare: too many people, too many questions, too much for the senses. For others, it seems like a great idea, but they just have no clue where to start.

For Denise Eriksen and Esther Coleman Hawkins, networking is the key to success in the screen industry. Between them they’ve worked in many areas of film and TV and know that making the most of your connections is the difference between selling a project and getting the door slammed firmly in your face. It’s definitely easier to make sales when you’re selling to a friend…but first you have to make some friends!

In this entertaining, informative and interactive (a game is involved!) session, Esther and Denise show us how to use networking and pitching opportunities effectively, and most importantly how to do it without hogging anyone’s time or attention. After all, you’re not the only one trying to make some new connections! NETWORKING IS A GAME YOU CAN WIN WHEN YOU KNOW THE RULES!

  • Esther Coleman-Hawkins (Co-Founder of Media Mentors)

    Esther Coleman-Hawkins

    Co-Founder of Media Mentors
  • Denise Eriksen (Co-Founder of Media Mentors)

    Denise Eriksen

    Co-Founder of Media Mentors
Day Wrap Up
Welcome Networking Drinks

Join us upstairs in the Seven Mile room at the Beef and Beach in Lennox Head. We'll be hosting networking drinks and a few nibbles to get you started.

The bar will be open and we encourage everyone to stick around and grab a sumptuous dinner.

The Lennox Hotel:
Pacific Parade, Lennox Head NSW 2478

With uninterrupted views of Seven Mile Beach, this premier space evokes the seaside luxury Lennox Head is known for. Incredibly versatile with a country panache decor of white bricks and brass finishings Seven Mile is perfectly suited to be reinvented time and time again.

This Is Me: Conversations With Regional Australian Creatives
Rosemary BlightBelinda ChaykoCody GreenwoodAshley McLeodLisa Shaunessy

Join us for a lively conversation with a panel of acclaimed regionally based creatives of drama and documentary content on their screen travels so far and how they’ve forged successful careers based outside Australia’s main metro areas.

We’ll hear from producers, writers and directors on the challenges and advantages of being creatives based outside of the cities, and get their advice and tips on how to create sustainable - and enjoyable! - screen careers no matter where in Australia you live.

Moderator: Rosemary Blight, Goalpost Pictures

  • Rosemary Blight (Founding Partner at Goalpost Pictures)

    Rosemary Blight

    Founding Partner at Goalpost Pictures
  • Belinda Chayko (Writer / Director)

    Belinda Chayko

    Writer / Director
  • Cody Greenwood (Founder/Producer of Rush Films)

    Cody Greenwood

    Founder/Producer of Rush Films
  • Ashley McLeod (Producer at ACM Films)

    Ashley McLeod

    Producer at ACM Films
  • Lisa Shaunessy (Partner at Arcadia)

    Lisa Shaunessy

    Partner at Arcadia
In Conversation: Finding and Funding Screenwriting Talent
Dr Belinda BurnsJenevieve ChangJennie Hughes VIA ZOOMBobby RomiaAlex Sangston - via ZOOM

How do we as a nation develop screenwriting talent? What opportunities, initiatives and funding are available to emerging voices and perspectives, particularly those based in regional Australia? This discussion teases out some of the issues facing the industry when it comes to nurturing writing talent, and how script development practices and opportunities might respond to help create a future of fresh, distinctive voices for a thriving industry.

Moderator: Jenevieve Chang, Screen Australia

  • Dr Belinda Burns (Chief Creative Officer at Screen Queensland)

    Dr Belinda Burns

    Chief Creative Officer at Screen Queensland
  • Jenevieve Chang (Development Executive at Screen Australia)

    Jenevieve Chang

    Development Executive at Screen Australia
  • Jennie Hughes VIA ZOOM (Director of Screen Territory)

    Jennie Hughes VIA ZOOM

    Director of Screen Territory
  • Bobby Romia (Senior Investment Manager at Screen NSW)

    Bobby Romia

    Senior Investment Manager at Screen NSW
  • Alex Sangston - via ZOOM (CEO of Screen Tasmania)

    Alex Sangston - via ZOOM

    CEO of Screen Tasmania
Web Series: Viable Development Path or Just An Enjoyable But Expensive Hobby?
Kauthar AbdulalimAlyce AdamsJulie KalceffAdele Vuko

Web series seem to be the new vogue, but what’s the best way to make them and how do you transition that experience into the next step of your career? What are the benefits of making a web series over a short film, and how on earth do you get anyone to watch them? In this panel three experienced film makers will talk about their online journey, discuss different pathways to audience, funding available for digital ideas, and how to make the most of the current opportunities in the evolving digital landscape.

Moderator/Session Producer: Alyce Adams, Screen Australia

  • Kauthar Abdulalim (Founder of Blacksand Pictures)

    Kauthar Abdulalim

    Founder of Blacksand Pictures
  • Alyce Adams (Investment and Development Manager at Screen Australia)

    Alyce Adams

    Investment and Development Manager at Screen Australia
  • Julie Kalceff (Writer, Director, Producer)

    Julie Kalceff

    Writer, Director, Producer
  • Adele Vuko (Skit Box)

    Adele Vuko

    Skit Box
In Conversation Live From LA: Meg LeFauve and Lorien McKenna
Meg LeFauve - ZOOM from LALorien McKenna - ZOOM from LASofya Gollan

Oscar-nominated screenwriter and film producer Meg LeFauve (Captain Marvel, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur) and her writing partner Lorien McKenna (Inside Out, Up and Brave) will Zoom in live from LA for a special session inspired by their popular podcast, The Screenwriting Life. It will be a unique chance for delegates to deep-dive into both the craft and the business of writing and answering questions on how emerging writers can navigate between championing creativity and getting the gig.

Moderator: Sofya Gollan, Screen NSW

  • Meg LeFauve - ZOOM from LA (Writer)

    Meg LeFauve - ZOOM from LA

  • Lorien McKenna - ZOOM from LA (Writer)

    Lorien McKenna - ZOOM from LA

  • Sofya Gollan (Sector Investment Manager at Screen NSW)

    Sofya Gollan

    Sector Investment Manager at Screen NSW
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Commissioning (But Were Afraid To Ask!)
Lana GreenhalghSusie JonesTracey MairAmanda Duthie via ZOOM

Key content commissioners from Netflix, Stan and Foxtel take part in a lively, interactive conversation driven entirely by the most popular questions collated from a callout to delegates prior to the event. As well as hearing more about what the commissioners are looking for, moderator Tracey Mair will also delve into how they make their decisions on projects and what kinds of things influence their choices - all guided by the burning questions submitted by our Regional to Global delegates.

  • Lana Greenhalgh (Commissioning Editor, Drama at Foxtel)

    Lana Greenhalgh

    Commissioning Editor, Drama at Foxtel
  • Susie Jones (Creative Executive at Netflix)

    Susie Jones

    Creative Executive at Netflix
  • Tracey Mair (Director of Tracey Mair Publicity)

    Tracey Mair

    Director of Tracey Mair Publicity
  • Amanda Duthie via ZOOM (Head Of Scripted at Stan.)

    Amanda Duthie via ZOOM

    Head Of Scripted at Stan.
The Art Of The Hustle: How To Survive and Thrive As A Freelancer
Monica Davidson

In this lively interactive session, creative industries expert Monica Davidson reveals the nitty gritty of making it in the freelance world, including getting the foundations ready for success, preparing the hustle assets, the art of the coffee meeting, putting a strategy in place and more. Monica will show you the difference between the mistakes you need to make in order to learn the industry – and how to avoid the mistakes you don’t need to make! A must-attend session for anyone who’s self-employed, thinking about freelancing or just curious to know more about the art of the hustle!

  • Monica Davidson (Founder of Creative Plus Business)

    Monica Davidson

    Founder of Creative Plus Business
Day Wrap Up
Networking at Seven Mile Brewery

Seven Mile Brewery is home to some great beers... they have wine too!!

Samburger the food truck will be available for bites on the night, bloody good burgers with GF, Vegetarian AND Vegan options.

Register for the bus at the Registration Desk on Friday morning. We will take you from Lennox Head Cultural Centre to the Brewery... and back again.

Seven Mile launched with three core range beers, though this number has grown to accommodate a range of styles. The famous Cali Cream to a Ginger Beer and all the ranges in between, all housed on the beer house floor.

AACTA Pitch: Regional Landscapes in partnership with Screenworks
Rachel Okine - via ZOOMIvan VukusicMichael Pontin

Join us for the culmination of the AACTA Pitch: Regional Landscapes in partnership with Screenworks initiative, hosted by AACTA Awards and Industry Development Manager Ivan Vukusic, in which we’ll be showcasing each of the five finalist concepts from the pitch finale. Hear from judges Rachel Okine (Stan) and Michael Pontin (See Pictures) as they discuss the nuances of feature film pitching, followed by a live announcement of the winner and a Q&A with them about their experience. The winning project will receive developmental support, as well as a grant to cover travel and accommodation expenses to attend the 2022 Australian International Screen Forum in New York, USA.

Moderator: Ivan Vukusic, AACTA

  • Rachel Okine - via ZOOM (Head of Features & Development Executive at Stan)

    Rachel Okine - via ZOOM

    Head of Features & Development Executive at Stan
  • Ivan Vukusic (Awards and Industry Development Manager at AACTA)

    Ivan Vukusic

    Awards and Industry Development Manager at AACTA
  • Michael Pontin (Producer at See Pictures)

    Michael Pontin

    Producer at See Pictures
In Conversation with Tracey Robertson
Tracey MairTracey Robertson

Hoodlum Entertainment's dynamic CEO and co-founder Tracey Robertson talks to leading film and TV publicist Tracey Mair about her work connecting with networks and studios to produce scripted content in Australia, the US, and around the world.

The past two years have seen Hoodlum expand its global slate across scripted and unscripted TV and feature film with productions currently in development with partners across Australia, the US and the UK and In the last twelve months delivering five productions; 'Five Bedrooms' (season three), cutting edge ABC series 'All My Friends Are Racist', Stan exclusive 'Christmas on the Farm', and the global premieres of ABC Signature / Amazon series 'The Wilds' (season two) and Netflix feature film 'Perfect Pairing' earlier this month.

Tracey talks about building Hoodlum into a leading international production company, as well as sharing her perspective on the current film and TV landscape, both domestically and globally, and where the key opportunities lie for Australian filmmakers in the future.

  • Tracey Mair (Director of Tracey Mair Publicity)

    Tracey Mair

    Director of Tracey Mair Publicity
  • Tracey Robertson (CEO & Co-Founder of Hoodlum Entertainment)

    Tracey Robertson

    CEO & Co-Founder of Hoodlum Entertainment
First Nation Storytelling: Authorship and Authenticity
Laurrie Brannigan–OnatoPenny SmallacombeMitch StanleyDavey Thompson via ZOOM

With the growing success of the First Nation screen sector there has been a gradual shift away from consultation and box-ticking in favour of genuine collaboration - but what exactly does this look like? How can non-Indigenous practitioners meaningfully contribute to Indigenous projects? What does a culturally safe space look like to First Nation people? What do practitioners need to be mindful of - both Indigenous and non-Indigenous? How can allies of First Nation people share their power in the screen sector?

This session will feature a panel of First Nation practitioners exploring best practice when working with First Nation people and their stories. A must for anyone seeking to collaborate with First Nation people and their stories – whether writer, director or producer.

Session Producer/Moderator: Laurrie Brannigan-Onato, Screen Australia

  • Laurrie Brannigan–Onato (Development and Investment Executive, First Nation Department at Screen Australia)

    Laurrie Brannigan–Onato

    Development and Investment Executive, First Nation Department at Screen Australia
  • Penny Smallacombe (Manager, Grow Creative at Netflix)

    Penny Smallacombe

    Manager, Grow Creative at Netflix
  • Mitch Stanley (Producer at No Coincidence Media)

    Mitch Stanley

    Producer at No Coincidence Media

    Davey Thompson via ZOOM

Regional Stories That Change The World
Malinda WinkHollie Fifer

We are in a climate emergency. We believe impactful climate communication is more critical than ever before. With the recent Northern Rivers floods and the 2021 bushfires, how can we centre the voices of those on the frontlines of the climate emergency and create transformative storytelling to advance a climate just and biodiverse future?

This session is a space for reflection, a search for solutions and a chance for regional filmmakers to share communication strategies and learn from international case studies for climate storytelling around the world.

Doc Society’s Director of Australian Programs Hollie Fifer and Global Director of Good Pitch Malinda Wink co-present this timely and thought-provoking conversation.

  • Malinda Wink (Global Director of Good Pitch)

    Malinda Wink

    Global Director of Good Pitch
  • Hollie Fifer (Director of Australian Programs at Doc Society)

    Hollie Fifer

    Director of Australian Programs at Doc Society
Here Out West: Case Study Of A Collective
Arka DasAnnabel DavisDenise EriksenJulie KalceffVonne Patiag

Join us for an in-depth exploration of this case study of Here Out West, a feature film made up of eight diverse stories of Western Sydney. This unique and ambitious project came together through the enormous collaborative effort of a creative team made up of eight up and coming writers, five female directors, three producers and three executive producers. Four of them take part in this special session for Regional To Global, talking about how the project came together and why the idea of a “creative collective” is one that other filmmakers can take inspiration from.

Moderator: Denise Eriksen

  • Arka Das (Actor and Filmmaker)

    Arka Das

    Actor and Filmmaker
  • Annabel Davis (CEO of Co-Curious)

    Annabel Davis

    CEO of Co-Curious
  • Denise Eriksen (Co-Founder of Media Mentors)

    Denise Eriksen

    Co-Founder of Media Mentors
  • Julie Kalceff (Writer, Director, Producer)

    Julie Kalceff

    Writer, Director, Producer
  • Vonne Patiag (Co-Founder of In-Between Pictures)

    Vonne Patiag

    Co-Founder of In-Between Pictures
Supercharging Your Creative Career
Ellenor Cox

Veteran Emmy and AACTA award winning producer and coach Ellenor Cox leads an entertaining and inspirational session guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing! Based on the Five C’s of creativity – clarity, curiosity, connection, courage and consistency – this is a must-attend session for anyone looking to rediscover, revitalise or reconnect with their creative passions and purpose.

  • Ellenor Cox (Executive Coach at Ellenor Cox Coaching)

    Ellenor Cox

    Executive Coach at Ellenor Cox Coaching
Final Wrap Up & Farewell